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Let Sharing Make Sense!

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Share your own scooters anytime, anywhere.

You can also customize the price and retrieve time.

Platform can automatically matching & brings passive income.

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Find owner's scooter through the APP.

A clear understanding of the budget and conditions before renting

​Use scooter in a more flexible and smart way.

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Let every existing scooters can be shared automatically

 Different time & space though

Still can share same scooter

Scooter sharing pilot run places

are recruiting

With 100 scooters recruited , the place will become the first open areas for pilot run activities.

Important rules related to pilot run opening:

  1. There is no restriction on the scooters of natural persons and legal persons (company number), but it is restricted to 1 (legal) persons to book at most 100 units

  2. Recruitment target for the first phase: more than 1,400 units in Taiwan

  3. Opening conditions for trial operation areas: more than 100 units in the county or city

  4. Judgment by county and city: Mainly based on the address where Owner members are expected to be listed

  5. Delivery time: The first 100 units in the first qualified area in December 2020

  6. Outlying islands recruitment opening hours will announce in the future.


Dear Owner...

Wouldn’t it be great to create passive income when the scooter is not in use?

membership with prepaid deposit

(2020.12 first batch go online)

Easy and safe

Scooter owner puts the customized scooter key into the smart lock to lock on the back wheel, and sets the information:

*Sharing Price

*Retrive time

*Scooter Information

Easy to retrive

Before the end of retrieving time, scooters will be guided by the system "dynamic return range" and professional logistics team will retrieve the scooter back to the place near by uploaded place (the green zone).


Dear User...

Isn't it romantic to meet friends and rent scooter everywhere at same time?​

Find Scooter

User can find the most suitable scooters nearby, and uses the APP to control the smart lock, obtain the customized key, unlock the back wheel and use the scooter.

【The smart lock must be kept in the scooter box】

Park to  differ places

Followed the instructions of the app to park the scooter in the "open legal public parking space".

And please abide by the membership rules as follows:

*Park in the blue zone.

*There is discounts in the green zone"



Let Sharing Make Sense!

Lockists 智慧型機車大鎖展示圖
Lockists 智慧型機車大鎖開蓋圖
Lockists 智慧型機車大鎖鑰匙保管圖
Lockists 智慧型機車大鎖前視圖
Lockists 智慧型機車大鎖上鎖後輪

About Lockists Balancer

Lockists Balancer is the name of the operation team of Lockists scooter sharing platform. The main members are experts from various fields in Taiwan. They are all committed to building the world's most Make Sense scooter sharing platform and pursuing the value of "Let every existing scooter can be shared automatically" !

We think that Taiwan’s original startups, can be like Google, AirBnB, Uber and other international brands, to create products and services that will shake the lifestyle of the world, even if they start with just one founder's scooter.

Lockists scooter sharing platform is the company’s first star service. Lockists smart lock is controlled by Lockists APP, so that members can share the idle time to others when scooter is not in use. Customized scooter key can be "kept","identified" and "stored" in the smart lock. "Passing" the key without any invasive modification 24/7.

Owner can flexibly set the "sharing price" and "retrieving time" of their own scooter, thereby greatly activating the huge idle resources of scooters in the world.


DIGITIMES Li Yihan report on 2020-01-21

Newly created Lockists activate "real" idle locomotives, dare you to ride a stranger's locomotive?

2019 became the year of the outbreak of shared locomotives in Taiwan. Since WeMo started sharing locomotive services in Taipei in 2016, the latecomer GoShare landed in Taoyuan in July 2019, and iRent started its two-wheeled locomotive rental service in the first half of 2019. Shared locomotives were not available for a while Two. As WeMo CEO Wu Xinpei once said, the shared transportation market in Taiwan is still in the growth stage. The entry of latecomers has advantages and no disadvantages, and consumers have more choices, so they are expected to switch to transportation equipment and promote market expansion. ...

Email us:balancer@lockists.com or fulfill below


Paul, HR

Damn! This platform is so cool! I’ve never thought that sharing a scooter is not only for wemo and gogoro, but even my own scooter can be shared with others to earn some extra income.

Anan, Digital Marketing

Seriously, this platform is the real sharing economy. other platforms known as shared scooter just the same as traditional leasing companies...

Double Ting, Brand Advisor

This platform is really brave. It is very similar to the concept of Airbnb, except that it shares a scooter, which is very suitable for Taiwan, but there should be many challenges. I look forward to Taiwan’s new creation in the international market in the future.


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Lockists 智慧型機車大鎖上鎖後輪

Lockists 智慧型機車大鎖,就如同一般大鎖使用的方式一樣,車東會員上架時、車客會員還車時,請依照 APP 的指示流程,上鎖在機車的後輪上。